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What Is Mobile Outpatient Therapy?

Mobile therapy is outpatient therapy that occurs in your home rather than at an outpatient therapy clinic. Mobile therapy is for anyone that may have a limitation on ability to attend in-clinic treatment sessions, such as transportation issues or a preference for in home care or per physician recommendation.

No worries! If it's inconvenient, challenging or risky for you to visit our clinic, we will simply bring the therapy clinic to you at home!

You do not need to be classified as "homebound" to qualify for at-home outpatient rehabilitation under Medicare Part B. There are many benefits to using our mobile outpatient therapy service and we are pleased to meet you wherever you call home: at your house or apartment, in a senior living community condo, assisted living facility or with family or friends.

At-Home Therapy Is Synergistic

Over 90% of people want to stay in their homes as they age and the #1 goal of hospital patients is to recover from illness or injury at home and to be able to take care of themselves and live independently.

It is our mission to support our clients' goals and independence.

Considerable evidence is growing which shows that the highly personalized care delivered via in-home therapy strengthens and speeds the healing process.

Because clients are able to complete therapy tasks in a stress-free environment with personal attention from a licensed professional, in-home therapy sessions can be more focused and intensive. By limiting distractions, clients can concentrate more on learning the techniques and strategies needed to reach their goals and implement these changes for long-term wellness.

Many Benefits of Mobile Therapy

  • Convenience: No time wasted on travel or sitting in a crowded waiting room.

  • Comfort & Safety: Avoid bad weather, transportation concerns and traffic, along with the risks of exposure to colds & flu viruses.

  • Privacy: Come to therapy in your comfy pjs if you wish and enjoy your stress-free therapy session.

  • Personalized: One-on-one therapy takes place in your home environment, where treatments are tailored to your home environment features and are functional & meaningful.

  • Attention: We are able to spend more quality time with you each session, which dramatically increases the quality of therapy provided, resulting in a faster, stronger recovery and goals achievement.

No Time Like The Present...

If you've been noticing weakness and decline but have been hesitant to inform your doctor because you've been cooped up at home, it might be wise to address your concerns now, before small problems become big issues.

You will be pleasantly surprised (and relieved!) to see how much function, strength, independence and confidence you can get back in a course of outpatient therapy.

Getting Started: The path to wellness starts with a referral for outpatient rehabilitation services with High Thrive Therapy!

A caregiver, aide, family member or friend can refer you and you can also refer yourself.


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