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Portrait of happy senior woman hugging dog sitting on couch and enjoying retirement in liv

Aging In Place

A conscious decision to independently stay in the home and community of your choice for as long as you choose with the comforts that are important to you. Aging in place includes having services, care and needed support in the residence as well. These needs may change over time and as you age.

OT For Aging In Place

As the U.S. population continues to age, older Americans want to live independently and stay in their own homes, whether it's their lifelong home, a senior community condo, independent living apartment or the guest room in a family-member's house.

Research shows people who are able to age in place experience positive outcomes, including strong ties to their families and communities, less cognitive decline and memory loss, less social isolation and greater independence.

Occupational therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment to help people modify their lifestyles and home environments to better manage healthcare needs and social services to successfully live on their own for longer.

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