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Partners In Care

Collaborate. Educate. Complement. Support.

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Partner With The Experts

High Thrive Therapy founders have over 25 years experience in all aspects of geriatric care, from clinical and interpersonal to relational and managerial.

We understand the myriad complexities and balance of priorities involved in excellent and comprehensive care of patients and residents.

We have created a Partnership Program that adds market value to your service and creates benefits for your medical practice, your organization, staff and residents while reducing your risk and easing your mind.

Our Value To You

Evidence-Based Practice

What are the outcomes?

Occupational therapy is a science-driven profession that applies the most up-to-date research to service delivery. Evidence supports the effectiveness of adding an occupational therapy practitioner to your patients’ or clients’ treatment plan.


According to systematic reviews from AOTA’s Evidence-Based Practice Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines, evidence shows that the following occupational therapy interventions improve client outcomes. These interventions are used as part of a broad approach that considers the patient’s performance skills (motor, process, social interaction,) activity demands, performance patterns (habits, routines, rituals, roles,)  and contexts and environments*.

*Excerpt from: AOTA: American Occupational Therapy Association


  • Client-centered occupational therapy to improve physical functioning and occupational performance related to health management in frail older adults, and older adults with osteoarthritis and macular degeneration

  • Home modification and adaptive equipment provided by occupational therapy practitioners to reduce functional decline and improve safety

  • Exercise involving functional activities for older adults

  • Progressive resistance strength training to improve community mobility and meal preparation. Strengthening, balance retraining, and a walking plan to reduce falls and injuries for those older than 80 years

  • Short-term classroom and on-road instruction to improve driving knowledge and skills

  • Use of bioptics to improve simulated and on-road driving skills as well as outdoor mobility skill for older adults with visual impairments

Partnership Inquiry

High Thrive Therapy Partnership

If you're interested in partnering with High Thrive Therapy or have any questions about our Partnership Program, submit the form below and we'll reach back out to you right away.

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