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Am I A REAL Caregiver?

The number of Americans who provide unpaid caregiving for their loved ones has been rising, to now more than 53 million caregivers. Nearly half provide 40+ hours of care, while the rest provide anywhere from 3 to 35 hours of care each week, all while also working in their own full-time jobs. Yikes! The Covid-19 pandemic has been incredibly difficult and damaging to seniors, which has made caring for them at this time especially strenuous. Many caregivers feel overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed and burnt-out: 23% of Americans state that caregiving has made their own health worse. This is a crisis which our society has not yet begun to deal with and we are just beginning to see the long-term health & financial effects. Now that the urgency of the pandemic is beginning to wane, it is PARAMOUNT that we help seniors to begin to regain lost strength, endurance & balance so that when they are able to build confidence and reclaim some of their lost independence. It is only then that our caregivers can recover their lost equilibrium and resume their own healthier personal lives and career paths. High Thrive Therapy is proud to announce the launch of our new online program in response to the crisis of aging poorly and family caregiver stress: HOME OT DAILY. Home OT Daily created the REBUILD & RECLAIM: Healthy Aging Jumpstart Program to restore health and quickly reverse the effects of aging poorly. Many older adults and their caregivers are unaware of the potential to reverse the terrible effects of deconditioning...but there is great HOPE to do just that! And quickly! Most seniors (absent any debilitating disease,) make astounding improvement within two weeks of beginning an intense and targeted rehab program. A wonderful and notable side effect is that it helps ease the burden of family caregiving to reclaim time for career, other family relationships, hobbies, travel & passions. (Rather than scouting out, vetting and scheduling myriad other solutions that ultimately don't work to solve the problem.) We have over 30+ years combined geriatric care experience poured into our 60 Day Jumpstart Program, which merges medicine, brain science and psychology with our experience in geriatric rehabilitation to help aging adults achieve optimal health for long-term independence -- even after illness, injury or decline. Caregivers, can you hear us? We are shouting it from the rooftops! The effects of inactivity, isolation and loneliness are harsh, but they are reversible with our integrated biopsychosocial approach to healthy aging! Visit our program to learn more:


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