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Senior Community Partners

Collaborate. Educate. Complement. Support.

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Partner With The Experts

High Thrive Therapy founders have over 25 years experience in all aspects of geriatric care, from clinical and interpersonal to relational and managerial.

We understand the myriad complexities and balance of priorities involved in excellent and comprehensive care of patients and residents.

We have created a Partnership Program that adds market value to your service and creates benefits for your medical practice, your organization, staff and residents while reducing your risk and easing your mind.

High Thrive Therapy
Goes Above & Beyond

High Thrive Therapy is founded on a paradigm shift in the typical approach to aging. We believe that early intervention and robust therapeutic support with a whole-person, holistic approach empowers people to not just age in place gracefully, but to truly thrive and enjoy this season of life to the fullest.


We provide outpatient rehabilitation therapy in senior/independent living communities via our Mobile Outpatient Clinic and online via telehealth.

We deliver expert, comprehensive and proactive rehabilitation therapy to help residents live longer, healthier lives - enabling them to happily remain in your community for much longer than if health risks remain undetected and untreated.

When your residents are well, they feel strong and have greater life enjoyment. This feeling of well-being will enhance their level of satisfaction with your facility, staff and their neighbors. Your facility will be recognized as a community that promotes total wellness and good morale, which will influence those looking for your services in the future.

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Delivers superior client-centered care

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Seamless integration and support

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Builds relationships, communication, trust

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Enriches your activity programs

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Enhances your services & programs

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Reduces your risk

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Elevates your market strength

Senior Communities
Partnership Package

We offer an innovative, done-for-you, turn-key Partnership Program that delivers proven results

for your senior living community. 

Partner Package Includes:

  • a pre-programmed android tablet for telehealth appointments with residents and a direct bluetooth link to our Home OT Daily livestream

  • a Program Guide binder for your staff with resident screening guidance & info for Home OT Daily groups & individual participation 

  • facility-wide membership to the Home OT Daily members-only senior social community

  • informational & educational materials for your residents

We broadcast a daily one-hour OT livestream that brings physical, cognitive, holistic and mindfulness-based therapy right into our members' homes. Home OT Daily can be added to your community activity calendar and we even supply a handy program guide for your staff!

Home OT Daily is also a fun and lively members-only social community with loads of activities, hobby clubs and helpful resources for seniors who value their independence.

Partners In Care

We collaborate with your staff on a plan of care for residents who experience functional decline.

We also collaborate with your Activities staff to implement Home OT Daily groups participation.


We offer in-service trainings and educate your staff to identify decline and changes in condition.


We provide therapeutic information & insight.


We take the time to learn the unique features, aims, practices & culture of your facility, community & staff in order to tailor our service to complement the great work you're doing in senior care.


We support our partners with a seamless presence in your community, with our friendly & professional interactions with residents, staff & family. We encourage residents' enthusiastic participation in your programs.


Our Value To You

Proactive Care

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We can assist your new residents in adapting to their new home surroundings and any challenges they face by assessing their need for therapeutic interventions and handling their rehab needs while you focus on the business of running your facility.

We also help current residents settle back into their home routines after illness, injury, surgery or skilled nursing rehabilitation.

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Health conditions can change dramatically in a very short amount of time. An older person's health can deteriorate quickly, leading to a loss of function & independence.

A responsive therapy partner helps keep residents healthier by addressing decline quickly before conditions worsen.

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Falls are the leading cause of injury, hospital admissions and death for the aging population, and are the main cause of loss of independence and transition to nursing home care.

It is a tremendous benefit to have a therapy partner who is proactive in fall prevention.

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Cognitive decline is a challenging condition for facility staff to address as seniors may mask symptoms due to embarrassment and fear of being forced to leave their homes and transition to a higher level of care. 

As cognition experts, we provide skilled intervention and therapeutic support to compensate and retrain for mild cognitive impairment.

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The Bottom Line

  • Our therapy service is billed through Medicare Part B and costs your facility nothing.

  • We provide outpatient and telehealth therapy in the resident's home.

  • Therapy services are based on clinical need.

  • We obtain PCP referrals and complete billing for care.

  • Our services reduce transfer to SNF/long-term care.

  • Reduce hospitalization and hospital readmission after discharge.

  • Increase a resident's length of stay in your community.

  • Home OT Daily as a group activity is not covered by insurance so is offered to our Partners at a 75% discount per resident.


High Thrive Therapy
Senior Community Partnership

If you're interested in partnering with High Thrive Therapy or have any questions about our Senior Living Community Partnership Program, click the button below to get in touch.

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